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diy: cabinet makeover

Good Morning readers, bloggers and friends! This morning I am on my second batch of coffee – I need it after my morning workout at the gym, and after staying up to watch all that Bachelor nonsense from last night. I’ll try to keep my Bachelor rant shorter this week, but boy, oh boy, are… Continue reading diy: cabinet makeover

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podcast: fat burning man with shaun t

Hey guys! It’s Sunday – holla! That means another race is about to go down this afternoon. I am really getting used to this whole being at home thing. I mean, today I have already gone to the gym, to the store and listened to a podcast. So I’d say it’s been a pretty productive… Continue reading podcast: fat burning man with shaun t

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wedding planning woes

Today I thought I would talk about how I don’t have the slightest clue on how to plan a wedding. Actually, I take that back, I have a clue thanks to some books and some of my good friends, but overall I am not the biggest fan of it.

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march music

Today, I wanted to share a collection of songs that I like to jam out to while I pretend I am in beast-mode. I find that music is such a great tool for me to go further and harder, and I always need the right songs to do it.