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understanding the bad

It’s hard for me to believe that this past Friday marked eight years since my dad lost his battle with lymphoma. Each year, when my mom reminds me of the day, because it is something that I mentally detach myself from, I go through a whole reflection process of how it all happened and how… Continue reading understanding the bad

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practicing paleo

What a great week it has been! I accomplished a lot around the house and I crushed some workouts – one of which I missed the box during the box jump and fell face-first to the ground, but it’s ok. Life is all about the effort right?

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diy: cabinet makeover

Good Morning readers, bloggers and friends! This morning I am on my second batch of coffee – I need it after my morning workout at the gym, and after staying up to watch all that Bachelor nonsense from last night. I’ll try to keep my Bachelor rant shorter this week, but boy, oh boy, are… Continue reading diy: cabinet makeover

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podcast: fat burning man with shaun t

Hey guys! It’s Sunday – holla! That means another race is about to go down this afternoon. I am really getting used to this whole being at home thing. I mean, today I have already gone to the gym, to the store and listened to a podcast. So I’d say it’s been a pretty productive… Continue reading podcast: fat burning man with shaun t

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the awakening

Happy Monday friends! Today is a great day because not only is it a start to a new week, but NASCAR is back! Let’s be honest, it’s really only a great Monday because of Motorsports. I mean, I finally have something to watch every single Sunday for 38 weeks! That’s worth a solid fist pump… Continue reading the awakening